, former head of EA will head the U. S. Olympic Committee

October 6, 2008, 3:47 pm

, former head of ea will head the u. s. olympic committee   Larry Probst (Larry Probst), a former executive director of publisher Electronic Arts, got a new job. Now the manager is the head of the U. S. Olympic Committee. One of its most important responsibilities will vybivanie money from sponsors, that would be extremely difficult, given the difficult economic situation in the country. In addition, it will do its utmost to Chicago was the Olympic capital in 2016. By the way, to get the job Probstu helped connection with the baseball league, which he actively cooperated during the visit to EA Sports. Since the company manager has worked over 20 years !
Probst (Probst) left EA in April 2007. His business relationship in the world of sports and managerial skills should help him in his new endeavors. Recall that the U. S. Olympic Committee receives no direct state money.
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