Мышка Handshoe борется с туннельным синдромом

October 8, 2008, 12:53 pm

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????? handshoe ??????? ? ?????????? ?????????   Учёные из Роттердама придумали новый манипулятор Handshoe. The developers have set themselves to make a mouse that would not cause users discomfort and stress in their hands. Nearly four years, doctors carried out tests and found that users of hands stretching muscles, even when not move the mouse. This, in turn, leads to the so-called tunnel syndrome in the hands.
to get rid of this threat, it was necessary to create a mouse that would minimize muscular tension in the fingers. From this the ideas and was born Handshoe. The essence of the new design is that the mouse rests on the whole hand. When than done everything in such a way that you can control the cursor by moving the minimal wrist.
to the new system really works, experts had to create a device in three sizes:for small, medium and large hands. There are also various options for processing the shell:white, black and transparent. The model works with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Connecting through USB. Permission to built the sensor is 800 dpi. Only two buttons, apart from the scroll wheel. It is new money - € 120. The release will take place later this year.


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