Myshinaya revolution from Microsoft

September 10, 2008, 12:02 pm

myshinaya  revolution from microsoftmyshinaya  revolution from microsoftmyshinaya  revolution from microsoftmyshinaya  revolution from microsoftmyshinaya  revolution from microsoftmyshinaya  revolution from microsoftmyshinaya  revolution from microsoft 
myshinaya  revolution from microsoft   The beginning of autumn 2008, Microsoft Hardware engineers decided to mention a cascade of bright announcements and thereby to please professional gamers and ordinary users. Many news we have heard only stealthily, and it had been rumors and assumptions. Today it is time to reveal all the secrets and understand whether Microsoft succeeded in re-inventing the mouse ?
So, during the ongoing in Redmond (USA) press conference, Microsoft presented one of the most promising technologies for positioning manipulators tomorrow - BlueTrack. It allows the mouse to operate on almost any surface, even on the glass. According to journalists 3DNews, working at the scene, described as an ideal technology yet difficult, but it was much the same improve laser sensors.
is interesting to note that run mouse BlueTrack able to support not only on the surface of the kitchen table, but also on the carpet in the living room.
In the near future there will be 2 in the market manipulators wireless model with support BlueTrack:Explorer and Explorer mini. New items only differ in size and price. The first could be purchased for $ 99, 95, and Explorer mini will cost the buyer at $ 79, 95. At the U. S. market already mice appear in a couple of months.
real present for fans of games have become weapons for geyminga announcements - SideWinder X6 keyboard and mouse SideWinder X5. New items were first shown at the Games Convention, one of the most important in the IT-industry events, held in late August in Leipzig (Germany). Among the features of the keyboard would like to point otstegivayuschiysya digital block, which is the wish can be to fasten to any of the side surfaces X6.
Notably, this digital unit can be used as a set of programmable buttons for virtual battles. One can not but mention the cruise control function, which allows gamers to move, shoot and perform other actions are not pressing the buttons. The most pressing game [W], [A], [S] and [D] can boast bright illumination.
As a complement to recruit Gamers, Microsoft also presented a mouse SideWinder X5. New equipped with 9 buttons (5 of which - programmable), sensitive sensor (2000 dpi).
With regard to pricing of new products and timing of their income on the market, according to available data, SideWinder X5 and SideWinder X6 will be available for pre already this month. Keyboard can be purchased for $ 79, 95, while the mouse will cost the buyer at $ 60.


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