10-Страйк:Inventory of Computer 2. 6 - accounting for the PC on the network

December 24, 2008, 10:57 am

   The company 10-Strike Software announced the release of a new version of the inventory and accounting of computers in a network of 10 Страйк:Inventory of Computer 2. 6. The new report generator, it is now possible to save time while creating reports on hardware and software PC and get them in a convenient format.
Now to create the administrator account will require a total of three times the click, because the program provides for the use of ready report templates, which in the new version has been added about forty pieces. Then will only see the result, if necessary, edit the record, select the format of the conservation and print professionally designed reports.
In the new version 2. 6 programs were added to the following:

  • improve the presentation of tables and data in the reports;
  • Preview (increase, decrease, Paging), and editing of reports before printing;
  • Support for various formats, save the records for a more user-friendly display of data (PDF, DOC, XLS, HTML, CSV, JPG, BMP, GIF);
  • A new type of records with a group of computers on the type of object (type OS, RAM, processor type, model of the hard drive, DVD-drive model, etc. ), reports on the products Microsoft Office, reports on the basic parameters of the configuration of computers and many other;
  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista:Now the inventory database is stored in a folder, a user profile.


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