12-nuclear Opteron processors will appear in 2011

April 24, 2009, 12:51 pm

12-nuclear opteron processors will appear in 2011 
12-nuclear opteron processors will appear in 2011   While noting the sixth anniversary of their central processors for servers and workstations, Opteron, AMD company officially reveals details on the next generation of server microchips. To get started, provided information about upcoming updates chipmeykera, which will shestiyadernye processors Istanbul. Differ by more than 30% of high-performance devices should appear on sale in June. Previously, it was expected that issue processors Istanbul held this autumn.
However, much more interesting AMD plans for next year. In the not too distant future we will a number of significant releases, primarily related to a new generation of server processors. The stage will be representatives of families of Magny-Cours, which will vosmiyadernye as well dvenadtsatiyadernye solutions. Belonging device would Opteron 6000 series, and made - to 45-nm production methods.
These solutions will be part of the platform Maranello, designed for powerful dvuhsoketnyh, or even chetyrehsoketnyh computing systems that support the processor socket Socket G34.
Along with microchips based on the architecture of Magny-Cours in the market will be representatives from the architecture and Lisbon. Processors will be made on all of the same 45-nm production methods, but already have four to six nuclei. Decisions of Lisbon would be a key element of the platform San Marino, for single or dual computing systems. Processors will support socket Socket C32.
Further development of both platforms, and Maranello, and San Marino, will be associated with an increase in the number of processor cores. In the case of Maranello - this is the emergence of integrated circuits Interlagos, made on 32-nm production methods, and composed of twelve to sixteen processor cores. Platform San Marino, in turn, obzavedetsya processors Valencia, also manufactured for the new AMD 32-nm production methods. But the number of processor cores, compared to Interlagos, will be reduced by half - is scheduled to release the six-and vosmiyadernyh decisions.
Building Opteron 6000 series processors and Opteron 4000 developers will adhere to the following basic principles. In the case Opteron 6000 is a high performance server systems, implemented through the use of virtualization technology, optimization to work with massive databases. But for the Opteron 4000 series models are not the last role to play power consumption chips, is the main area of use will be web-based applications, including the cloud (cloud) applications. This is reflected in the model number - Opteron 4000 series will include models with indexes HE, EE - highly efficient solutions (HE - Highly Efficient) and extremely effective solutions (EE - Extremely Efficient) with a maximum power consumption 55 watts and 40 watts respectively .


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