120-mm fans Akasa Apache-style military

March 10, 2009, 3:32 pm

120-mm fans akasa apache-style military120-mm fans akasa apache-style military 
120-mm fans akasa apache-style military   At the international exhibition CeBIT 2009 in Hanover at the display stand of Akasa have been presented very original in execution of 120-mm fans a new series of Apache.
According to the developers, thanks to a special form of blades, particularly the mechanical structure of products, as well as the use of rubber vibration dampener, the brainchild productive traditional propeller on the entire 30% and at the same time are impressively low noise level is only 13 dB. It is also noted that new products meet the stringent requirements of military IP54 standard for resistance to the adverse effects of moisture and dust. Perhaps that is why the creators decided to make their creations in the style of harsh military and named them in honor of the famous models of combat aircraft, is armed with U. S. Air Force.
At the moment there is no exact data on when and for what money these products will be available for purchase.


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