1UP named the most anticipated games 2009

January 14, 2009, 5:36 pm

1up named the most anticipated games 20091up named the most anticipated games 2009 
1up named the most anticipated games 2009   Staff 1UP small chart which included the most anticipated games of 2009. The list is impressive. It was a place for the PC hits and beautiful Casual Entertainment:
Heavy Rain (PS3);Infamous (PS3);MadWorld (Wii);
Wolverine (360, PS3);Grand Theft Auto :Chinatown Wars (DS);Alpha Protocol (360, PS3, PC);Prototype (360, PS3, PC);Prinny:Can I Really Be the Hero ? (PSP);Star Wars:The Old Republic (PC);Wolfenstein (360, PS3, PC);Noby Noby Boy (PSN);Splatterhouse (360, PS3);Trine (PSN, PC);The House of the Dead:Overkill (Wii);Bionic Commando (360, PS3, PC);The Sims 3 (PC);Batman:Arkham Asylum (360, PS3, PC);Dragon Age:Origins (PC);Diablo 3 (PC);
DarkSiders:Wrath of War (PS3, 360);Darwinia (XBLA);Muramasa:The Demon Blade (Wii);Tenchu:Shadow Assassins (Wii);StarCraft 2 (PC);Flower (PS3).
our very favorite game on this list - Muramasa:The Demon Blade (Wii). This is a very beautiful project, we were told earlier. No less interesting and Flower for the PS3, which unusually combines magic and beautiful music video. Yes, and all other products are worthy of full attention.
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