2-GHz Intel Atom Z550 will appear in April

March 21, 2009, 11:57 am

2-ghz intel atom z550 will appear in april   CPU Intel Atom dominance over their competitors surely. Under the new platform Menlow Refresh will be released new processors and new chipsets. Ultramobilnaya platform Menlow Refresh is used in UMPC-MID-computers and devices. On one of the most high-speed chips we have today and we`ll talk.
Journalists resource TechConnect.com reported that the company is Intel plans next month to provide a processor Atom Z550, made of 45-nm production methods. This chip will be 512 Kb L2 cache and 533 MHz bus. TDP level of 2, 4 W, the same as the Z540 and Z530. Recall that the Z530 model is successfully used now in various MID-devices.
Price Atom Z550 is not yet known. But colleagues suggest that it could be within $ 135. Thus, the price will be reduced as a model Z540, and Z530.


• atom z550 price
• intel atom z550 price
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