20000 in 3DMark 06 on a notebook ASUS W90Vp

February 20, 2009, 7:47 am

20000 in 3dmark 06 on a notebook asus w90vp20000 in 3dmark 06 on a notebook asus w90vp20000 in 3dmark 06 on a notebook asus w90vp 
20000 in 3dmark 06 on a notebook asus w90vp   Gaming laptops make it possible in any place and at any time to plunge into the virtual world. The quality of this virtual world will depend on the price of this laptop. The more expensive it is, the graphics adapter and CPU. Typically, a screen gaming notebook is at least 1680h1050 pixels. Of course, in order to ensure a sufficient number of frames per second in today`s games with such a permit, producers are more and more new notebooks based on the latest graphics chips.
Mobile version Radeon HD 4870 X2 is designed to ensure maximum quality and speed of graphics in modern games. Without sufficient processor support is not indispensable. The well-known overclockers Kinc, as he writes, has decided to relax a little bit of a serious crackdown and took a laptop ASUS W90. To get to know the technical characteristics of this model here, we have previously written about it.
Extreme mobile processor QX9300 version was dispersed up to 3952 MHz frequency. Nearly 4 GHz in the mobile device.
Video Card Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2 runs at 600/1800 MHz for the chip and memory, respectively. Recall that the standard frequency formula Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2 is equal to 550/1700 MHz. In 3DMark 2006 the discipline was able to dial 20284 points, which even some desktops - unattainable level. For comparison, a laptop-based Core 2 Duo P8400, broken up to 2700 MHz, and GeForce 9600M GT graphics card with 676/978 MHz frequencies all gathering 6700 points in 3DMark 2006.
The cooling system, according to enthusiast, excellent manner with the dissipation of heat from the broken two-chip processor and M98. Two graphics card Mobility Radeon HD 4870-based MXM modules together in CrossFire.
One can only wish enthusiasts Kinc remove the cooling system full-W90, instead set the glasses of liquid nitrogen on the processor and graphics chips. Bring the bar and take it all in the 25000 points.
Review Notebook Asus W90 in the Czech language can be found at this link. The difference with the model, which went from Comrade Kinc, in the processor. Czech journalists saw a laptop-based chip Core 2 Duo T9600.


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