In 2011, mobile banking will benefit 150 million people

January 16, 2009, 3:55 pm

in 2011, mobile banking will benefit 150 million people   The company Juniper Research estimated that in 2011, mobile banking will benefit some 150 million people. Such projects offer owners of mobile phones the ability to manage a bank account and track the transaction.
According to the researchers, mobile banking now mostly used by Asians. However, the number of services offered by banks in Western Europe and North America allowed to consider these as the fast-growing markets. It was expected that after two years about 70% of users of mobile banking will come from Asia, North America and Western Europe.
Howard Wilcox (Howard Wilcox), an analyst Juniper Research, said that mobile banking should be considered by banks as a key element of success - it will help them in the competition and attract new customers.


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