2U servers Rackable Systems:Seal inside

October 23, 2008, 6:41 pm

   While the company Rackable Systems can be seen as a niche player in the market rackmount server hardware, is still a successful existence since 1999, confirms the seriousness of Engineering, in and now largely determine the trends of compaction equipment in the SAC. Another innovation Rackable - rack mountable server C2005 height 2U, whose body depth of at least half the normal size. Through this proposed to deploy the system on both sides of the cabinet. In addition to duplication density accommodation, such arrangement creates a kind of duct that improves opportunities to tap the hot air out.
Rackable made C2005 two buildings in the compartment, which can be equipped with the necessary options independently of each other. The upper section can be installed four 3, 5 disc, eight 2, 5, a set of four 2, 5 and two 3, 5 discs, or two 3, 5 and drive up to five low expansion slots PCI. If necessary, there is no expansion slot, this place can take, and internal DVD drive, 3 5 drive into the bottom of the hull. In addition, to install a 3, 5, or two 2, 5 drives can be used for the front seat LCD display, folding, if necessary, access to the drives. It supports hard disks standard SAS or SATA-II.
As servers and other production Rackable, C2005 supports the work of SSD-nakopitelyami Intel, namely - with 32 GB and 64 GB models, enterprise-class systems with high input-output and recording (X25-E catalog Intel) As well as 80 GB and 160 GB solid storage devices for systems with a small number of writes (X25-M product Intel).


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