3 GB to 6 GB of RAM on chipset Intel X58

February 15, 2009, 9:04 am

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3 gb to 6 gb of ram on chipset intel x58   In the case where the PC is set more than 4 GB of RAM and operating system is not XP x64 or Vista x64, you will discover what is really available only slightly more than 3 GB. With motherboards based on Intel X58 logic clearly an opportunity to join the 3 GB mark. The next step - it has 6 GB of RAM. Colleagues from the resource TweakTown.com decided to find out in fact, what a performance you will receive during the transition from 3 GB to 6 GB on chipset Intel X58.
To this end, they collected test stand at the base of the motherboard Gigabyte EX58-UD5 and Intel i7 processor 920, accelerated to the frequency of 3, 8 GHz. As an operating system used 64-bit Windows Vista SP1. Two sets of RAM Crucial kits to 3 GB and 6 GB runs at 1520 MHz.
The first test was a multithreaded application wPrime.
In the 1024M discipline set of three slats, 1 GB of memory was a bit faster than 2 to 3 GB. This test is always better to respond to increased frequency of the CPU.
Synthetic tests SiSoft Sandra identifies the leader of a set of 6 GB of RAM. The difference in productivity of approximately 10%.
The newest discipline 3DMark Vantage does not respond to the increasing amount of RAM. For enthusiasts of this suggests that more profitable to buy the 3-GB memory kit with a high-speed characteristics.
a little program Cinebench justify additional investment in the 6-GB kit memory. Although the increase in productivity of 2, 6% is unconvincing.
In the shooter Far Cry 2, about the same situation as in the application Cinebench. The difference is hardly visible. Perhaps, in this test could measure the time of loading a game level. In this case, 6 GB, and can be acquitted themselves. When the smoothing and filtering the difference between the sets of RAM has not changed.
What can be concluded ? In the case of applications for working with graphics and video, additional RAM will not interfere. Regular users overpay for the additional 3 GB of RAM, meaning no. Unless it is a pleasure to know that there is always a pool of 6 GB of RAM.


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