3D-editor Maya 2009:10 years to develop

October 8, 2008, 7:41 pm

3d-editor maya 2009:10 years to develop   The company Autodesk start selling a new version of 3D-editor Maya 2009. This release - unusual, along with the Autodesk program notes decade. In honor of the decade created a special section on the site Autodesk Area, where you can learn more about the history of the program and on characters created with its help.
Among the innovations Autodesk Maya 2009 include support for proxy-objects in mental ray, further improvements in productivity programs for multiprocessor systems, a new set of tools Maya Assets, helping to clearly display a list of tasks for each artist, working on his part of the project .
The program provides an updated set of tools for multipass visualization, enhanced integration with Autodesk Toxik, updated system layers to create the animation. In addition, it is worth noting a new module for creating effects of particulate Maya nParticles, a set of tools for Maya Muscle deformation envelope and muscle accessible previously only participants subscription. In connection with the growing popularity stereofilmov, Maya in 2009 added the possibility stereopokaza scenes directly into the projection screen, as well as stereokamera.
Maya 2009 is available at a price of $ 1995 for the version of Maya Complete and $ 4995 - for the version of Maya Unlimited. Upgrades from Maya Complete version of Maya Complete 2008 until 2009 would cost $ 899, but with Maya Unlimited 2008 to Maya Unlimited 2009 - $ 1249.
Trial version has so far not available and the training version of Maya Personal Learning Edition, based on the Maya 2009. However, the Autodesk subscription program already can download a new version of the program.


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