3ds Max 2010:New version of 3D-editor

March 25, 2009, 11:09 am

3ds max 2010:new version of 3d-editor   After exactly one year after the previous release a new version of 3ds Max 2010. Like the previous release, this version is available in two versions:3ds Max 2010 for those involved in the development of games and other projects in the field of entertainment, and 3ds Max Design 2010 for those who work with architectural projects.
The new version presents a huge number of innovations and improvements. Their number is so great that the creators of 3ds Max say that this - the most significant release since version 3D Studio Max 4. Perhaps one of the most notable innovations - the inclusion of a popular set of tools for modeling PolyBoost, which were previously available as a supplement. In 3ds Max, these funds will be entitled Graphite Modeling Tools. Thanks PolyBoost, in total, in the new version will be more than 100 new tools. Besides Graphite Modeling Tools, in 3ds Max 2010 represented about three innovations. Here are just some of them are:
  • The organization of complex scenes by means of its facilities in the so-called containers (Container). These sites easily manage, you can quickly load and unload, thus saving the cost of RAM.
  • Improved display of objects in the windows of the projections, smoothing with the use of PC hardware capabilities, improved tools for working with HDRI and support new technologies for the development of mental mill shaders.
  • New module Material Explorer to manage the materials stage to perform operations with the materials in relation to several sites, including those to replace them.
  • Improved support for importing models from Revit Architecture.
  • A new technique for analyzing xView grid three-dimensional models
  • A new version of the module to create effects with particles PFlowAdvanced, containing a large library of ready-effects. PFlowAdvanced includes 14 new operators for Particle Flow.
  • A set of tools for working with sound ProSound, in which the plug-Sound Trax from Boomer Labs.
  • A new modifier Quadify to work with module ProBooleans, to manage the topology of Boolean objects. In addition, with ProBooleans now you can use the operation Merge Boolean, which allows you to combine objects, while preserving their topology and stacks of modifiers.
  • A new modifier ProOptimizer, which is established on the basis of the known complement Polygon Cruncher. It can perform optimization vysokopoligonalnyh models imported from programs like Mudbox.
  • The improvements in the set of tools for working with textured sweep. In particular, new tools for selection, as well as for editing developments.
  • A new tool for analyzing the effects of light, and preview the results in the projection (in 3ds Max Design 2010).
  • Global Quality Knobs for fast quality control visualization shadows, reflection, refraction, and the calculation of global illumination and anti-aliasing in mental ray.
  • Support for visualization of high resolution images for use in printing.
  • Improvements in the visualization of animated projects of mental ray (reducing errors associated with flickering when playing the animation, which was calculated taking into account the indirect lighting).
As before, the differences between versions of the minimum:the version for architects and designers 3ds Max Design 2010 includes all the possibilities 3ds Max 2010, except for the SDK (a set of tools for developers). However, the 3ds Max Design includes Exposure technology for simulating sunlight, light from the sky and artificial lighting, which is not in the version of 3ds Max for game developers. Both versions of 3ds Max is estimated at $ 3495. For Russian users of the program are offered at a price. In addition, 20% reduced the cost of annual subscriptions and an opportunity to rent for a period of 1 year.


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