3G in Russia has been canceled

April 1, 2009, 9:08 pm

   The State Commission for Radio Frequencies (GKRCH) at an extraordinary meeting on 1 April this year, decided on a total ban on all radio-electronic devices, in private use, in Moscow and area, the interests of national security. In connection with the active rearming the Russian army and the introduction of the new center for tracking space to receive the code name of a facility, located near the territory of CFB Bear Lake, east of Moscow region, 20 km from Moscow Ring Road, the base stations of cellular communication can interfere special equipment for military use.
According to the press services of mobile network operators of the Big Three and Sky Link, the leadership has already received orders requiring them to turn off the mobile communication network and to begin the dismantling of the base stations.
The public is invited to voluntarily surrender previously purchased mobile terminals to the nearest store selling digital technology. The Russian Government has already allocated about 2 billion rubles. from the contingency fund for the purchase of a population of mobile terminals. According to the list of radio-electronic means, subject to seizure for communicators such as the iPhone 3G or Samsung Witu user can get the whole 350 USD. (equivalent fee for one-month fixed-line), most (in EUR 800-1000. ) are the old models of Motorola, Siemens, etc. - those where there are no extra features, just send an SMS and voice call. Alternatively, cell phones can be exchanged for a set of mirrors for the filing of lights, smoke bombs, or has the color flags for visual signaling. High demand in the capital enjoyed homer.
In response to this news shares of AFK Sistema, which includes the company MGTS (a natural monopoly in the market of wire communication in Moscow), went up yesterday at the NYSE to 450% and continue strong growth.

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