4 GHz - new frontier for AMD Deneb 45 - nm ?

June 23, 2008, 4:08 pm

4 ghz - new frontier for amd deneb 45 - nm ?   While the search for information relating to processor AMD Deneb performed under 45 - nm tehprotsessu, each unwittingly feel glad news, which highlights the positive features associated with it. And there are not cases in fanatstve, and in healthy competition, which remains in a consumer benefit. Further cause for establishing good mood among fans product AMD, should cause the next screen.
We have data utility CPU-Z and programmes OverDrive, which provides understand that at an operating voltage of 1, 475 V, an engineering sample Xeon processor AMD Deneb, was able to disperse up to 4000 MHz frequency equal. Participant Forum Overclock.net claims that for such a conquest is not small, as processors for AMD, the frequency he was able to dispense with the participation of conventional Cooling. Operating temperature was 53 degrees Celsius.
In the process of discussion of the news on different forums, except for charges that the result of nothing more than bogus, there were different arguments for the reliability screenshot. But, given all the same, that in order to achieve frequency 3441 MHz processor took to the same supply voltage equal to 1, 568 V, appears doubtful whether this is a truth.


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