472 million users of mobile TV in 2013

March 24, 2009, 9:48 am

472 million users of mobile tv in 2013   The number of users of mobile TV in 2013 will be 472 million people, the data leads research firm Cantab Wireless. According to analysts, the biggest spread of projects are in Asia, especially Japan and South Korea. In 2010, Europe and the United States will demonstrate the rapid development of the market.
In the coming years, will launch commercial Networks fourth generation LTE. Several cellular operators will offer mobile TV services using high-speed data transmission LTE.
In the words of Juha Korhonen (Juha Korhonen), author of the study, companies must carefully choose the standard of mobile TV, as this will depend on the entire business model. This does not call Korhonen standards that can be successful. In various spots in the world were running different standard, somewhere, they felt, and where it remained unnoticed. In Japan, for example, used 1Seg, South Korea - DMB.


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