4G wireless networks are far from reality

January 1, 2009, 8:10 am

   Adherents of the latest technology is not to count on the possibility in the near future to begin the use of mobile data networks, the fourth generation (4G). According to experts, the development of new standards is delayed for another few years. At the same time, it is expected that 2009 will be a period of active promotion of the development of Long Term Evolution (LTE), which, in fact, played the role of the most promising technology high-speed data transmission in a fourth-generation mobile networks 4G.
Despite a number of ambiguities regarding the details of future standards for broadband wireless access, chipmeykery have already come to grips with the preparation of designs for developing technology 4G. The players acting in the segment of consumer electronics, seeking to avoid the mistakes made in the deployment of services 2, 5G and 3G, when mobile phones with a set of functions to support advanced networks have not been issued on time.
However, in the case of LTE, it is expected that initially support the standard will be implemented in the form of modules for desktop and mobile computers, as this technology focuses primarily on high-speed data transmission, and only to a much lesser extent, is aimed at improving the quality and increasing the amount of voice communication. But prior to the deployment of 4G industry is still a great deal of work, because the process of standardizing LTE is still subject to several areas for development, despite the upcoming eighth version of the specification of technology.
Too many questions relating to LTE, there are still unresolved. First, is not precisely defined, even the working range, which in principle can be assigned to any frequency band from 900 MHz to 2, 6 GHz. Then there are a number of issues around debatiruemyh network topology:whether to support only through the access point ? Will LTE quick replacement of 2G or 3G ? Will initially be supported in LTE only data transmission, or immediately will be required also to voice ?
All these issues require the developers to lay the chips in their designs great flexibility and compatibility, the more that LTE is not only the transfer of advanced technology for 4G;mobile version of WiMAX, too, refers to this number, and also currently has more than the completed form. Therefore, it is likely that the development of supporting both standards would be preferable to look in the eyes of the designers of equipment, and then the users. As to the possible timing of the introduction of LTE specialists predict a time:no earlier than 2010 modules for data transmission, and in 2011 for mobile phones that support this technology.


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