A 50-nm diamond transistor

April 20, 2009, 8:26 am

a 50-nm diamond transistor   Among the candidates for the role of possible replacement of silicon, used today to manufacture the majority of integrated circuits used primarily in computer science, are not only carbon nanotubes and sheets of graph. Another promising material is diamond, the more that researchers have managed to create a diamond transistors - Japanese scientists, members of NTT, were able to build a transistor with a gate thickness of the entire diamond hundred nanometers. More recently, an information that the staff of the University of Glasgow was able to significantly improve the technology of producing similar nanostructures.
Since 1947, the year of invention of the transistor, or similar device manufactured on the basis of silicon - essentially, computers, or gallium arsenide, more suitable for radio-frequency IP. There are several advantages and disadvantages of these semiconductor materials, which, it turns out, not a diamond. According to the report of researchers, University of Glasgow, they have managed to create a diamond transistor gate width of 50 nanometers - the best result to date. The need to reduce the thickness of the shutter transistor increases due to its high-speed performance, and hence productivity of integrated circuits.
In turn, diamond electronics will lead to the development of entirely new technologies, such as teragertsevoe scanning, and automotive systems definition and calculation of collision. In the first case, it is understood that the system of scanning materials and objects using the electromagnetic wave frequency a few teragerts. This corresponds to the upper boundary of the range of microwaves and the lower boundary of the infrared radiation. Electromagnetic waves teragertsevye absolutely safe for human health and, consequently, may find wide application in devices such as scanners, security, allowing to detect weapons under clothing, or a new generation of medical scanners. With regard to automotive safety systems, the diamond electronics could form the basis of automobile radar. Such devices will be able to detect objects in a dangerous proximity to the car, and advance to the command to activate the vehicle security systems.
This area of application dictates its own requirements for integrated circuits, which must be not only high performance but also stable in the worst conditions. These requirements and meets the electronics on the basis of diamond transistors. If the reader zakradutsya doubts about the high cost of such devices, then rush him to inform - in this case, the synthetic diamonds obtained by chemical deposition from the vapor phase.


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