7 incredible cases of loss and recovery

December 10, 2008, 2:05 pm

   The level of technology and technical knowledge is constantly growing, but data loss is inevitable. The company Ontrack for several years engaged in assembling the facts about the most amazing and ridiculous cases of loss and recovery. Statistics collected Ontrack engineers in 32 offices in different countries.
So, the list of incredible loss and recovery for 2008 looks like this:

  • round the world sail ended sadly when the boat puteshestvennitsy along with the laptop overturned at the last day of sailing. Fortunately, experts were able to restore 100% of all information on its journey;
  • When Hurricane Katrina struck the United States in 2005, a pair of newlyweds decided that their wedding photos forever lost. Their fears were reinforced when a local specialist to restore the data suggested that the hard disk is likely to prorzhavel wet and it can not fix. Fortunately, after two and a half years was able to restore all the photos;
  • Female-counsel, while on vacation, decided to fish with his father and at the same time pozanimatsya affairs work. A friend of her father, razozlivshis for contempt for the sacred process of fishing, with a laptop bag thrown overboard. Counsel directly into the clothing brosilas save valuable information, but it was too late. Fortunately for her, important contacts and information on all tax-managed rescue;
  • Dog dropped an external hard drive from the table, leaving it no longer legible. In the media, family photos were collected over five years. Despite the injury, was able to drive reanimate.
  • During normal household cleaning fleshku suck in the vacuum cleaner in conjunction with hlebnymi crumbs. Vacuum cleaner was so powerful that a fee fleshki vydralo track and lost the connector;
  • The draft of a research institute for the study of wildlife suddenly interrupted when a chip with a tracking collar Panthers had been physically damaged in the forests of Florida. Critically important to preserve the population Panthers information has been successfully restored;
  • The man decided to leave his hide your laptop into the oven, that it is not stolen while the house empty. The wife after returning home razogrela oven for chicken. As a result, and fry chicken, and a notebook.


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