96% netbukov runs under Windows

April 8, 2009, 8:10 am

96% netbukov runs under windows   Netbuki becoming more popular. Most of them are running operating systems of Microsoft. Reported by the company. It is estimated NPD, conducted in February, the dominance of Windows on the vast segment netbukov - 96%. In the first half of 2008, Windows, only 10% of the market.
The first assembly netbukah used Linux, which are less demanding to machine resources and are cheaper than Windows. Many users of Linux-return devices for a variety of reasons (re possible incompatibility with the software). So Carphone Warehouse recorded a return of 20% after which it was decided to discontinue the sale of netbukov with Linux. In most of the netbukov use Windows XP. New Windows 7 is created in accordance with their capabilities.
By netbukam researchers identify laptops with a diagonal screen for less than 10, 2 inches and are sold at a price less than $ 500.


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