ABBYY MindReader - program to read the thoughts at a distance

April 1, 2009, 9:32 am

abbyy mindreader - program to read the thoughts at a distance   ABBYY Company announces the release of the system to read signals from cortical ABBYY MindReader. The last presentation of the product recently brought together authoritative neuropsychology, programmers, and neurolinguistic programming.
At the core of ABBYY MindReader is a simple mechanism for many:the removal of human brain electroencephalogram with subsequent classification of frequency ranges and applying semantic standards. Analyzing the frequency bands, in particular, the amplitude and phase of the waves, topography and types of reactions, ABBYY MindReader technology provides a lot of information on the mental activity of the individual.
For users ABBYY MindReader there is nothing easier than to change a couple of notes of your favorite song (controlling musical instruments with the help of thought), to reproduce the proof of Cauchy`s theorem (see the list of memory from the last lecture) and arrange for the breakfast show back in the recording (with the possibility of publishing the best segments on YouTube).
The basic principles of ABBYY MindReader following:
  • Integrity:the program analyzes the user`s thoughts entirely, as a whole.
  • Focus:A Program for the user is looking for exactly those pieces of thinking (logemy), which are necessary at this time.
  • adaptability:the program is to fully adapt to the thinking of a particular user and to evolve along with the owner, as is changing its way of thinking.
of the special functions ABBYY MindReader can be identified such as:visualization of ideas, filtration of harmful thoughts, backup memory, a quick search on the memory view of dreams, support multi-thinking, the removal of the background thinking, analysis of lady`s logic, the protection of the idea, the management of devices, detection of desires, the monitoring of mental state.
The software module ABBYY MindReader available in several versions:
  • MindReader Mobile (compatible with mobile devices, version);
  • MindReader Education (version for students and educational institutions);
  • MindReader Professional (professional version);
  • MindReader Enterprise (corporate version);
  • MindReader Creative Studio (version for bands);
  • MindReader Housewife (special version for the analysis of women`s logic).
More information about ABBYY MindReader product can be found here.
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