Above Siberia collided two satellites

February 12, 2009, 11:15 pm

above siberia collided two satellites   At the Earth`s orbit, hundreds of satellites for various purposes ranging from scientific and research equipment, monitoring the natural processors on Earth and in space, ending the commercial communication satellites and military aid including intelligence. However, until now, despite their large number, out of the main reasons for failure were:the accident when the craft into Earth orbit, the structural failures of Engineers, various kinds of natural phenomena, etc. And the collision of two spacecraft up to that point was not. But everything happens for the first time.
on Tuesday at an altitude of 790 kilometers over northern Siberia collided two spacecraft:one of them - nonfunctioning satellite owned Roskosmos, the second - a communications satellite, owned by U. S.company Iridium. As the representative of an aerospace agency NASA, Nicholas Johnson (Nicholas Johnson), the program manager to monitor space debris, the incident of its kind - the first ever multi-year history of space exploration.
As a result of the two satellites were completely destroyed, disintegrated into more than 500 wrecks of at least 10 cm as it became known, devices moved along mutually perpendicular paths, and the speed of the collision was about 20 thousand kilometers per hour. According to estimates of scientists formed a cloud of debris will be placed in orbit the Earth for many years - until the whole area will need cleaning more than one decade.
Previously, in 2007, to orbit the Earth crashed meteorological satellite Fengyun-1C, owned by China, which split into two thousand wrecks. As a result, the researchers estimated the number of orbital debris has been increased by a quarter. While reliable data on the likelihood of damage to the fragments of the spacecraft functioning satellites do not, however, a danger to the international space station, where there are team of astronauts is minimal, because the ISS is located at an altitude of 350 kilometers. However, some risk of damage to satellites still functioning there. Moreover, there may be a dangerous situation when the destruction of a satellite in orbit generates the emergence of new amounts of debris, and the likelihood of damage to the other devices increases dramatically.


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