Acer:the 2009 will be sold 30 million netbukov

February 20, 2009, 1:06 pm

acer:the 2009 will be sold 30 million netbukov   The world financial crisis will have minimal impact on the market netbukov. At least, such predictions does the company Acer, one of the world`s largest computer manufacturers.
In 2008, it sold 14 million netbukov, said Scott Lynn (Scott Lin), president of Acer Taiwan. In the current year can be achieved from 25 to 30 million compact computers. In 2010, demand will continue to grow, which will be manifested in increased sales netbukov up to 45 million vehicles.
According to Lin, the most important factors of commercial success netbukov steel price and light weight. In this context, Acer will not release a model with a screen diagonal of more than 10 inches. Lin noted that netbuki have a negative impact on sales of conventional laptops with a diagonal of 12 inches.
Acer expects that monthly sales of Aspire One netbukov on Taiwan would be 7-8 thousand. The company plans to take a market share of 40-50%.


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