Acer AspireRevo - first nettop based on NVIDIA Ion

April 8, 2009, 8:39 am

acer aspirerevo - first nettop based on nvidia ionacer aspirerevo - first nettop based on nvidia ionacer aspirerevo - first nettop based on nvidia ionacer aspirerevo - first nettop based on nvidia ionacer aspirerevo - first nettop based on nvidia ionacer aspirerevo - first nettop based on nvidia ion 
acer aspirerevo - first nettop based on nvidia ion   Market miniature mobile PCs firmly occupied the platform Intel Atom, on which today released the vast majority of netbukov. One of the main reasons why such a situation is the almost total absence of alternative solutions, and the possibility of Intel platforms and fully meet the producers and users. Such a situation could arise and the market of compact desktop computers - in the spring of 2009 a number of companies introduced the public to nettopy based Intel Atom. However, NVIDIA Corporation in the very beginning of the year, presented its platform for miniature versions of personal computers. This decision became a platform NVIDIA Ion, with its main advantage is considered to be productive integrated graphics, which allows the computer to work with high definition video.
showing platform Ion and interest, and thus end-users and manufacturers of personal computers, the company NVIDIA started to commercialize their innovations. The first concrete step in this direction is the emergence nettopa Acer AspireRevo, yet only a personal computer ion.
Platform NVIDIA Ion involves the use of an integrated circuit as the Intel Atom CPU, it is no surprise that Acer AspireRevo microchip equipped with Intel Atom 230, operating at a frequency of 1, 6 GHz. The amount of installed RAM up to 4 GB and the disk system can be provided in hard disk capacity of 250 GB. However, the most important component of an integrated video, which is able to cope not only with video resolution up to 1080p - The opportunity to work with Blu-Ray-bearers, but only when you connect an external optical drive. To play HD-content with the help of a full HD-TV system supports interface HDMI. Also the integrated graphics supports DirectX version of the tenth, and even allows you to run computer games of Spore, Call of Duty 4 and Sim City 5. It is noteworthy also support technology NVIDIA CUDA.
Unfortunately, in the very near future, Acer AspireRevo appears in specialized stores - sales of the first ion nettopov should start towards the end of the second quarter of 2009. But competitors are coming from new products are known today:this is a family of computers MSI Wind, and ASUS Eee Top. However, AspireRevo - this is only the first step for the development of the Taiwan market nettopov, because a little later and a formal presentation is expected at least an interesting new items under the symbol Hornet. The latter will be equipped with even a controller with motion sensor - apparently, the developers keep in mind the option of release of a semblance of game consoles Wii.


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