Acer, ASUS and MSI disappointing sales netbukov

April 22, 2009, 12:54 pm

   Sales netbukov in the first quarter of this year have fallen short of the expectations of the Taiwanese manufacturers such as Acer, ASUSTeK Computer, MSI, writes The DigiTimes.
For instance, Acer had planned to ship two million netbukov Aspire one, but the level of sales, according to industry sources, was lower. ASUS Company sold in the first quarter of all 900 thousand computers legendary family of Eee PC, while planned to sell 1 million sales mark netbukov MSI reached 200 thousand
The lower level of sales analysts explain the saturation netbukami in regions where demand for these devices was traditionally high. Moreover, in developed countries` markets supply netbukov has not yet reached the peak.
However, the company Acer and MSI are ready to meet a downturn in the market netbukov. Currently, they are already actively working on a promising ultrathin laptops, and, according to sources, will soon reduce the cash investment in the industry netbukov.


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