Acer comes on the heels ASUS market nettopov

April 13, 2009, 10:09 am

   Recently Acer introduced 24 new products for its three brands (Acer, Gateway and eMachines). Among the new products - stylish netbuki small nettop for multimedia and gaming PCs and touch-sensitive all-in-one, which is intended for use in the living room or kitchen. As sales fall desktops, Acer aims to become the world leader in mobile solutions, - said President and CEO Gianfranco lunches (Gianfranco Lanci).
Netbuki are the key to the strategy of Acer. Since the release of the first Aspire One in July 2008, Acer seized the leadership in the global supply of netbukov. Lunches said that a combination of price and quality has helped us quickly become a dominant force in the market. Acer expects that they will be able to increase from 30% to 40% in the next quarter.
New netbuki have become more subtle than the current model of Aspire One. They are now fitted with a multitouch-interface that allows you to scroll documents and scalable web-pages using gestures. One of the models is 11, 6-inch screen, which is longer than the current models Acer. The company said that the netbuk equipped with HD-screen and software from Dolby, which will be useful when watching video.
Acer also promotes its nettop the size of a normal book - AspireRevo - as a center of entertainment that can store photos, music and video in high definition. It was built on a platform with NVIDIA Ion processor Intel Atom, which will use the nettop yet to emerge as a game console. Computer format all-in-one united by a 24-inch touch-sensitive display with Windows 7. In the kitchen or living room, they can display on-screen TV signal, video, photos, and play music as well as easy access to video and Internet.
These new items are expected, may be a threat to ASUS, which has already released a nettop called Eee Box PCs this past summer and all-in-one (Eee Top) at the beginning of this year. In addition, Asus produces over 20 varieties netbukov Eee PC with a diagonal from 7 to 10 inches.


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