Acer - the market leader in consumer laptops

November 20, 2008, 2:19 pm

   Ambitious aggressive policy of the Taiwan company Acer to gain market did bear fruit. Despite the fact that confidence in the quality and reliability of products, it loses the world have long-established brands such as, for example, HP or Dell, Acer affordable prices helped to successfully promote their development.
In the third quarter in the segment of the consumer class notebooks Acer took the first position by selling 5, 04 million mobile computers, while second place won Industrial giant Hewlett-Packard, who was able to realize 4, 85 million of these devices. If you consider only the segment of corporate actions, the distribution of powers somewhat different. HP, realized 3, 27 million notebooks in this class, took first place. The second line rating has taken a Dell - 2, 97 million devices sold. Interconnects the three leaders Acer with a 2, 85 million
How easy to calculate, for a combined performance of all segments of the company HP is still the leader (8, 12 million laptops sold), while Acer literally breathe it in the back (7, 89 million ). They were both significantly lagging behind Dell - for the quarter, it managed to sell only 5, 24 notebooks.


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