Acer is preparing a rival Windows Mobile Catalog ?

March 10, 2009, 10:58 am

acer is preparing a rival windows mobile catalog ?   After the launch by Apple in the first half of 2008 the system of distribution of content for their smartphone iPhone, other manufacturers have begun to think about the opening of such online stores - because the success of App Store is not long wait. For example, in September last year, reported on plans by Microsoft to run your own web store for Windows Mobile. In late autumn, it became known on the opening of Android Market for guglofonov. A little later, the launch of new service BlackBerry Application Storefront said the well-known Canadian manufacturer Research In Motion. Also, their stores have announced that applications Palm, Samsung, Nokia.
is not going to lag behind competitors, and Taiwan company Acer, which is not so long ago, beginning to master a new market of smartphones. According to sources, Senior Vice President of Acer Aymara de Lenksen (Ayamar de Lencquesaing) said that the company truly appreciates the desirability of launching its own application store, but a final decision has not yet been decided.
Recall Acer smartphones are running a mobile operating system Windows Mobile. Thus, when Acer decided to create their own online store for the spread of applications, it will directly compete with Windows Mobile Catalog.


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