Acer is preparing a set of notebooks for CULV-chips

March 31, 2009, 7:16 pm

   Taiwanese company Acer is among the producers of laptops, which are most actively introducing CULV-platform Intel, whose debut took place in the fourth quarter of last year, into their products. It already has a range of models based on sverhekonomichnyh chips, and it is preparing to meet the emergence of new CULV-processors.
According to Taiwanese sources, Acer plans to submit in April this year a whole bunch of notebooks based on the updated CULV-components with displays of different sizes - with a diagonal 11, 6", 13", 14"and 15". 11, 6-inch model for Acer will produce the largest contract manufacturer Quanta Computer. Inventec has received an order for production of 13-inch notebooks, and for the production of 14 - and 15-inch model has taken the company Wistron. Interestingly, building new 13-inch laptops will be made of magnesium-aluminum alloy.
According to the sources, to date, a typical laptop based CULV-platform is worth around $ 560 - $ 700. Among the features of models of this class are the low weight, thin shell, higher efficiency, higher productivity and larger displays than with the modern netbukami. According to industry observers, users are increasingly focused on this segment and in the near future CULV-notebooks significantly affect the sales of High-End models from Sony and Apple. It was expected that this year CULV-notebooks will take about 20% of the market. This segment is actively interested in HP, Dell, Lenovo.


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