Action:FSP power supplies gives 10 per month

June 11, 2008, 8:40 am

   Representatives of FSP Russia announced the beginning of shares to raise consumer products company loyalty in the Russian market. It started with the first in July 2008 and continuing until the New Year holidays.
As part of the shares of any person can win one of a series of power Epsilon. To participate in the drawing, you must visit the shares on the official website of FSP at the address correctly described as three series of power supplies for computers, which produces FSP, and leave their contact details. If the visitors are lucky, it will contact the representative of FSP.
In the ten month played power. In the action residents can take part in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Azerbaijan. The official date of termination of shares - December 30, 2008. One questionnaire is involved in the drawing until the formal completion of the lottery.


• fsp power supply in Azerbaijan
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