Active SMART 2. 7:Monitoring of the hard disk

January 27, 2009, 11:53 am

active smart 2. 7:monitoring of the hard disk   The new version of the program, which monitors the status of hard drives. The program monitors the temperature, speed and errors on the disc and tells you about all the changes. Scan Disk can be made at boot time and through to the time of one minute to 99 hours. With Active SMART, you can set the maximum permissible temperature for the hard drive, and if it is reached, the program will save any open documents, and immediately shut down the computer, to avoid overheating.
In the latest update statistics monitoring disks, includes information about the total amount of free space on all drives, added to display the temperature in the system tray, adapted to the settings of the program window.
Developer:Ariolic Software Distribution:shareware, to $ Operating system:Windows All Size 3, 2 MB Download from here you can.


• activesmart2.7
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