Adapt adapter USB-PS/2 to work with флешками

April 1, 2009, 9:10 am

adapt adapter usb-ps/2 to work with ????????adapt adapter usb-ps/2 to work with ????????adapt adapter usb-ps/2 to work with ????????adapt adapter usb-ps/2 to work with ????????adapt adapter usb-ps/2 to work with ????????adapt adapter usb-ps/2 to work with ???????? 
adapt adapter usb-ps/2 to work with ????????   We have often come letters from our readers requesting them to address problems associated with the operation of the PC. If you draw up a classification of such requests, the first place would be a severe shortage of USB-ports on the second - lack of COM-ports, and the third a shortage or lack of LPT. And readers, even giving reasons for their dissatisfaction, in other words, simply to justify their request. Modern IT-industry offers customers a wide choice of devices that have an interface USB. All peripherals, all media uses this port. As well as USB-fan, USB-coolers, USB-ashtrays, USB-tank, even USB-mouse connected to a PC via USB-port. Typically, a shortage of COM ports complain vehicle owners, equipment for diagnostics plugs in through that port. Even if the equipment is USB-port, where the orders put USB-device, described above. Just hopeless situation. Complete TOP-3 owners LPT-printers. A huge fleet of printing devices is still in working condition. Given the impact of the crisis, for many buying a new printer has no place in the family budget.
We have long thought, how can solve the first problem, how to facilitate our readers to work with USB. How to save them from the permanent extraction of some devices, for installation at a place other freed. Of course, someone will say that the purchase of USB-controller, which is installed in any free slot PCI, solves the problem. Perhaps, but some users may be sealed shell, while others may seem inappropriate to buy the controller for $ 8. Given the fact that many use a USB mouse and keyboard, we have begun to adapt adapter USB-PS/2, since the PS/2 ports available. For testing we used the USB-флэшки for the simple reason that they can measure the loss of speed when using the PS/2 port.
For the success of the USB-devices need power 5 W. Port PS/2 times as desired and provides a voltage which is fed to the fourth contact.
Since we are going to use a standard adapter USB-PS/2 in inappropriate for him to need to provide support for devices connected through it to the operating system. As for doing what ? There is a need to modify the drivers for the motherboard. We have already told how to get the mobile version of the drivers on the graphics card using DH Mobility Modder. NET. By the same principle shall proceed and the drivers from the motherboard. Utility DH Motherboard PS/2 Modder. NET v. 1. 04, kindly provided by the author for testing, can we add the necessary support in the drivers.
Razarhiviruem drivers, run DH Motherboard PS/2 Modder. NET and shows her the path to them. Then press the Modify button and get what we want. One nuance, if you use the standard installer driver, the system will return an error. It should be through the Task Manager an unknown device to their skormit, despite all the warnings operating system. Reboots PC and proceed to testing.
Before you start testing, feel obliged to remind the reader to speed USB 2 ports. 0 and PS/2. Speed USB 2. 0 of 480 Mbit/sec, a speed of PS/2 at most 300 Kbps. We need to know what face, namely, the catastrophic decline in velocity.
During testing, we used the engineering model of USB-флэшки Transcend JetFlash series V. Speed reading, as measured using HD Tune, was 19 MB/c. Through adapter USB-PS/2 was able to get only 27 kB/c. The drop in productivity in 700 times !
This low speed would be enough to play songs in the MP3, but the video is already at such a speed does not see. In order to view флэшки connected via adapter USB-PS/2, even with a low video resolution and bit rate, use the technology SLI, the support which the manufacturer states, and even shows it on the box.
Once again, ask for assistance from the program DH Motherboard PS/2 Modder. NET, but only to its latest version, namely v. 1. 04 beta2. As the author explains the tools, he was able to find a loophole in the controller, PS/2 port, through which two флэшки can be combined in SLI mode. By the way, the exclusive right to use this technology (read loopholes), the company is now owned by Transcend. The new version of the program modifies the driver and provides the user can choose which of the devices in the system to use in SLI.
Such a regime could be compared with the work of the two hard drives, consisting of RAID-array. The operating system sees two флэшки as one. Of course, this is not practical, but it works. As a result, the speed of reading has grown to about 50 Kb/s, which lets you view video files with bit rate not higher than 400 kbps.
  • Merging in SLI mode;
  • A second chance to slow флэшкам.
  • The high production costs;
  • a very low speed;
  • The absence of hot-swappable.
P. S. The author of the program explained that the download from his FTP-server can only be at certain times. Once a year, only on 1 April.


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