ADI and Infineon will work with airbags

April 29, 2009, 7:45 am

   Suppliers of semiconductor products Analog Devices Inc (ADI) and Infineon Technologies announced the intention to engage in joint development of systems of automobile airbags. The greatest potential for such products partners saw in the emerging markets, demonstrate rapid growth. Companies identified to create the design of hardware platforms, allowing to reduce the preparation time for release to market and reduce cost of solutions. Allocation of roles to be as follows:ADI provide accelerometers and gyroscopes, based on the MEMS-technology, and Infineon will be the integration of the entire system, including necessary microcontrollers, standardized interfaces sensor blocks, modules, and communication CAN LIN, power supplies and circuit activation of the airbag squib .
According to ADI, and Infineon, despite an expected overall decline in the world car market by about 9% in the coming years, the demand for active safety systems will only increase, and is particularly active in developing markets, which now is equipped with an airbag is not 100 % of all cars produced. Moreover, consider that today a model with one or two pillows will be upgraded with lots of pillows, and with additional functions - such as prednatyazhiteli belt sensors and pre-operation. However, as a rule, automakers in emerging markets have very little experience in self-examination and development of security systems, which in задумке ADI and Infineon, and to ensure attention to their development.
Currently, the market leader in chipsets for airbags are Infineon, Freescale and ST. In the market of MEMS-sensors is dominated by Bosch, ST and Freescale. Estimates of analytical Steyerl, in 2008, global shipments of automotive control systems, airbags was 55 million units.


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