Adobe improves the Online Marketplace for the AIR-application

February 14, 2009, 11:51 pm

adobe improves the online marketplace for the air-application   The company updated the Adobe online store for applications developed using the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). This environment is designed to create cross platform applications using technologies HTML, AJAX and Flash. And, while Adobe calls the store site, applications are available there for free.
The improvements referred to your search function and application downloading from the site, and have RSS-feed and a common item, like send to a friend. Another, more significant improvement is the ability to evaluate and publish surveys and comments to applications. In Adobe believes that by doing so, much better feedback to developers.
Store Adobe AIR Marketplace was launched in October 2007 and the current time there are already several hundred applications. In February 2008, Adobe AIR Marketplace has moved from being a beta version in full-service and in less than a year of working with him was made more than 100 million units AIR-applications.


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