Adobe Media Player 1. 5:a registered player from Adobe

November 23, 2008, 8:11 pm

adobe media player 1. 5:a registered player from adobe   A new version of the player Adobe Media Player 1. 5. The player works on multiple platforms and is based on open standards, including RSS and SMIL. With its help, you can view Flash files without opening a browser and in full screen mode.
In the Adobe Media Player is the possibility of downloading files, including automatic downloads of new series of TV shows or video podcasts at that time. On the other hand, Adobe Media Player does not require a permanent Internet connection.
Users can subscribe to free content, such as television broadcasts, which can be viewed while online and off of it. The player will also be interesting for developers because it supports all the modern technology of video, including streaming, downloading protected mode and others. The appearance of the player can be changed to include advertising or logos of companies.
Version 1. 5 presents the user the option of establishing a directory TV, movies and podcasts;an opportunity to exchange content on the site of social networks, added ability to play back SWF files from your hard drive.
you can download from Adobe.


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