Advanced Uninstaller PRO 9. 5:Remove Programs trace

September 10, 2008, 8:27 pm

advanced uninstaller pro 9. 5:remove programs trace   New version deinstallyatora helps to have a functioning system after installation and removal of numerous applications. The program monitors all the changes that occur in the system after installation of a programme, and helps get rid of all its traces, if the user decides to delete the program.
In addition to its core function, Advanced Uninstaller PRO contains a set of useful tools, among which are a means to search for duplicate files, a tool to manage applications that run together with Windows, a module for searching for and removing broken shortcuts in the Start menu.
The latest version adds full support for Firefox 3, improved engine to track traces of applications in the system.
Developer:Innovative Solutions Distribution:shareware, 32 euros Operating system:Windows XP/Vista Size 24 MB download can be here.


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