After 5 years of phone without Wi-Fi will become a rarity

April 6, 2009, 8:01 am

after 5 years of phone without wi-fi will become a rarity   The support of work in wireless networks Wi-Fi is increasingly common in mobile devices. Moreover, this feature is not a useless image chip, and indeed is often used. According to the well-known analysis of ABI Research, now three-quarters of mobile phone users with Wi-Fi actually use the wireless adapter.
Almost all the major manufacturers of smart phones already have a range of products with Wi-Fi. To date, 44% of smartphones on the market include support for Wi-Fi, and already by 2014 is projected to increase this figure to 90%. In 2009, will be shipped 141 million phones with Wi-Fi, and in 2014 their number will reach 520 million
Organization Wi-Fi Alliance, responsible for the development of wireless networks, working on advanced wireless technology that allows devices with Wi - Fi adapters easy to communicate with each other directly without the help of a router. New technology will be presented next year.


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