Age of Empires III by Glu Mobile for N-Gage

April 30, 2009, 2:38 pm

age of empires iii by glu mobile for n-gage 
age of empires iii by glu mobile for n-gage   To the game service N-Gage was the announcement of the first strategy in real time with the multiplayer mode:the company Glu Mobile introduced a mobile version of Age of Empires III, an optimized for smartphones Nokia.
Age of Empires III to version N-Gage players will propose a set of missions, chronicles the events that led to the first mission Age of Empires III for PC. It is noted in passing that the players receive experience points that can be used in conjunction with the cards of support to call reinforcements and resources from the home town player. New maps become available for completing battles. All victories are recorded in the profile player, and are compared with results of other players on your mobile phone and web-based version of N-Gage.
Sales of toys due to begin shortly.


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