Air cooling technology will appear in laptops

October 28, 2008, 12:32 pm

air cooling technology will appear in laptops 
air cooling technology will appear in laptops   The problem of organizing quality of cooling the main elements of a personal computer is a major, not only in the event of the creation of powerful computer systems and mobile computers, and especially the ultra-portable notebooks, where the situation compounded by shortage of space inside and the need to design the best possible light solutions. Of course, today the market presented a number of accessories for mobile PCs, but with computers additional devices, though effective enough, is not very nice idea - it is desirable that the cooling system to cope with the major components of its own.
Moreover, every user is known that a lack of laptops, as heating the bottom of the hull and the flow of heated air that obviously does not add comfort when working with a computer - especially when there is such compact solutions, as the MacBook Air or HP Voodoo Envy 133. And the subsequent reduction in the thickness of the shell mobile computer is not required the use of new technology, improves the efficiency of heat from the system. The company Intel, apparently found the solution to the problem.
According to Eden Muli, the chief manager of Intel on the development of mobile platforms, all modern cooling system allow to cool only the internal components, leaving the outer surface of the shell hot. However, its cooling, it is possible - necessary only to laminar flow of cold air, contact with the hot surface. As an air cavity in the end make the shell laptop, a laminar airflow is selected as the most effective cooling surface large area. Using the same turbulent flow would result in the formation of a large number of areas with fever, in which the effectiveness of heat is minimal.
Mouly Iden noted that such technology has found its use in cooling systems of jet engines, and laminar airflow effectively cooling components, which reaches a temperature of thousands of degrees. Of course, this technique should prove successful and if the cooling of mobile computers, it is necessary only to make interest in applying the technology to manufacturers of notebook PCs. If, however, recall that Intel is a legislator of fashion in the market of mobile platforms, the promotion of a new cooling system should not be such a difficult task. Optimistic about the future Intel patented its decision.


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