AKADO launched HDTV-broadcast

October 2, 2008, 2:32 pm

   Slowly but surely the people of our country is gradually attached to high-definition television (HDTV). Thus, the subscribers have long NTV is the ability to view multiple channels at FullHD-as also a few channels in HD is in the package of television channels and Internet service provider Corbin Telecom. Now customers provider Akado can eat all the amenities of quality television. UAB AKADO-Capital announced the launch of services to high-definition television (HDTV) throughout the network, which covers Moscow and near Moscow over 2, 8 million households.
AKADO kit that includes cable HD-TV, connection fees and monthly fees HDTV, will cost an average of 10 times cheaper than buying a satellite HD-tuner, without pay connection and service. According to the company, from September 1, the network AKADO operated special page preliminary order, where new or existing customers may abandon an application service provider to connect HDTV. In just one month application on the left more than 12 thousand people. In the HD-package will include the following channels:foreign National Geographic HD, VOOM HD, MelodyZen HD, Luxe TV HD, and a Russian channel HD Media. Not too impressive compilation, not, for example, sports channels, possibly in time, the number of channels increases.
HDTV service fee for new subscribers is 1, 000 rubles. Monthly payment at the rate Constellation HD, which includes 82 channels of standard-definition and HD-Channel 5, is 590 rubles. The cost of additional connectivity 5 HD-channels for existing subscribers network AKADO - 300 rubles a month. Monthly fee for the rental of the tuner is 50 rubles a month.


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