Alcatel-Lucent will integrate satellite communication networks with CDMA/EV-DO

April 6, 2009, 12:32 pm

alcatel-lucent will integrate satellite communication networks with cdma/ev-do   The company Alcatel-Lucent has developed for service providers SkyTerra and TerreStar Networks special subsystems for base stations of mobile communications, allowing for the use of satellite communications in the field where there is no cellular coverage.
Hardware Alcatel-Lucent will integrate support for satellite base stations to the existing CDMA/EV-DO. Plans SkyTerra and TerreStar their services to cover the entire North America. For a complete happiness will only provide subscribers with relevant mobile phone with support for satellite and cellular networks. This issue is solved with the help of Qualcomm, which agreed to develop multistandartnogo chipset for mobile-satellite terminals. While the project participants of any duration is not reported, but it seems that the new racing technology in mobile networks reaches a new level of the satellite.


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