Aliens:Colonial Marines is like a Left 4 Dead

January 3, 2009, 11:08 am

aliens:colonial marines is like a left 4 deadaliens:colonial marines is like a left 4 dead 
aliens:colonial marines is like a left 4 dead   Staff C VG wrote a paper on Aliens:Colonial Marines, which was now working studio Gearbox. Journalists argue that the project is very much like the most popular team shooter Left 4 Dead from Valve. Shooter is a joint passage four. The main task of the users - to survive in this world`s disadvantaged. You are constantly under threat of total destruction, as well as at all levels have a huge number of enemies.
However, if the Left 4 Dead, we walked to some unknown location, it is all more or less familiar. Fans easily familiar with the local attractions, which are seen in the movies.


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