AMD will add 45-nm chip models in the range of business-class

December 5, 2008, 8:46 am

amd will add 45-nm chip models in the range of business-class 
amd will add 45-nm chip models in the range of business-class   According to the information of talking online resource Expreview, the company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) plans next year to expand significantly the portfolio of its processor business class .
As reported in the first quarter of 2009 will be available in two models in the performance of Socket AM2, namely Quad AMD Phenom X4 9850B and trehyadernaya AMD Phenom X3 8850B. Then in the third quarter will see the light produced by a slim 45-nm chips by tehprotsessu Socket AM3 series Phenom II X4 B90 Series, Phenom II X3 B70 Series and Athlon X2 B20 Series.
According to the source, Quad news AMD Phenom II X4 B93 (2, 8 GHz) and AMD Phenom II X4 B91 (2, 6 GHz) are level TDP of 95 Watts. In turn trehyadernye debutant AMD Phenom II X3 B73 (2, 9 GHz) and AMD Phenom II X3 B71 (2, 7 GHz) with TDP level of 65 Watts. As for the dual-core processors AMD Athlon X2 B22 and the AMD Athlon X2 B21, then their frequency performance and TDP still unknown.
in the end is worth noting that all 45-nm chips business-class performance in the Socket AM3 have been code-named Kodiak, in honor of the same island off the west coast of USA, Alaska.


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