AMD and Celsia Technologies will chilling video

October 21, 2008, 5:32 pm

amd and celsia technologies will chilling videoamd and celsia technologies will chilling videoamd and celsia technologies will chilling video 
amd and celsia technologies will chilling video   With increased productivity of modern graphics adapters, of course, the question arises edge and the organization more efficient cooling. Producers of graphics cards are well aware, so it is not surprising that they are continually seeking new and innovative ways of quality tap excess heat from the main hot spots produced by accelerators. In this regard, it is legitimate solution is the electronic giant Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to invite the developers of the company Celsia Technologies to participate in the project to create innovative cooling system for top video cards.
As noted in published news service Celsia Technologies official communication, the new solution is being shared with the graphics division of AMD design will be based on technology isparitelnoy camera (Vapor Chamber Technology), a cooling module presupposes the existence of such patented proprietary innovations, such as Celsia NanoSpreader. The sponsors of the invention claimed that their offspring due to lower thermal resistance to heat up to 30% better than the now widely used products with heat pipes. Moreover, it reduces the cost and greatly simplifies the design of cooling system because it can make almost any desired shape, but it could very direct contact with the heat source or be integrated directly into the radiator, which eliminates the need to install a very expensive base soles.
design, the system Celsia NanoSpreader is a prisoner in the copper shell sealed two-vaporization chamber with purified water. Inside the walls of the chamber has a special layer of copper with microscopic perforations. The principle of operation is to transfer heat from one part of the space to another through the cycle of evaporation and condensation of fluid.
At the moment there is no information on when it will be ready the first commercially available products. Perhaps something that becomes clearer during the 2008 event AMD Technical Forum and Exposition in Taiwan, where Celsia Technologies was invited to the framework of the cooperation with AMD.


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