AMD has no plans to release processors for netbukov

July 20, 2008, 1:35 am

   Talks on the cost of processors AMD, designed to work in a compact portable computers, or netbukov, not rage since the first mention of possible announcements of such chips made by the new executive director Dirk Meijer. However, as it turned out later, chipmeyker with caution to the prospects of reaching a new market for itself, which already is operating company Intel and VIA, and felt the need thorough preparation for such a course. Now there is even more intriguing information according to which AMD has no plans to produce cost processors in the short term - only in 2010 can expect the first representatives of microchips Bobcat.
The main reason for the decision were fears caused by the possible decline in growth markets netbukov. As the leadership believes AMD, incidentally, shared their views and representatives of third-party companies, today a surge in consumer attention to this type of product is largely attributable to popular models of ASUS Eee PC processor-based Intel Celeron M, provided further in 2007 as one of the cheapest laptops . At the time, the main advantage of devices was to be a record low cost - $ 200, but even the first decision was reached at $ 50 more expensive than promised producer. Now the same set of functional capabilities increased, and increased the size of mini-notebooks, productivity, and most importantly, their cost, which already is about $ 600. But at that price the consumer could buy a full-fledged mobile computer, so that the main chip netbukov, through which planned to sell computers in record numbers, is now absent.
Thus, the mini-laptops already account for a full-fledged competition mobile computers, and how the market will develop both in the near future remains to be seen. Indeed, on the one hand, the tendency not only to raise the cost netbukov, but also to lower prices for mainstream notebook models, and may well lead to a situation where the purchase of laptop computers no longer justified. Still, modern mini-laptop is not without shortcomings, among them - relatively low productivity and not the most comfortable keyboard for daily work. In this regard, a full-fledged laptops look much more attractive acquisition. And now Intel introduces artificial restrictions on the functionality of netbukov platform based on Intel Centrino Atom - although the world`s leading chipmeyker wants to prevent competition between processors and Atom Celeron, with these same difficulties necessarily face and producers of personal computers.
In addition, do not forget that AMD company already supplies the world market for low-processors - Geode, which, although not particularly popular, demand is still there. And taking into account all the above arguments AMD in no hurry to exit the market low of central processors for devices such class, which today are netbuki. In the future, may be more favourable and, most importantly, more predictable situation, but by that time may well podospet and Integral chips based on the architecture Bobcat.


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