AMD will release 32-nm chip production Foundry Co. in 2010

March 4, 2009, 12:03 pm

   The Executive Director of AMD, Dirk Meyer, the official told the public that one of the leaders in the market of central processing units for computing systems plans to begin test production of 32-nm integrated circuits in the middle of 2010. In a series of new products should reach in the fourth quarter of that year.
As a result, we can say that AMD again corresponds to its tradition of producing the central processors, manufactured using a new technology generation, approximately one year after the issuance of similar devices, the market leader, by Intel. Recall that a 32-nm Intel microchips should reach the series production in the fourth quarter of this year.
It would seem that nothing significant will happen - the company AMD maintains a temporary backlog of its main competitor in the six - twelve months. But it is only at first glance. Future integrated circuits will be the first AMD CPU company is not developed its own staff, and manufactured in facilities outside chipmeykera. This is about ending the transaction with the investment company Advanced Technology Investment, and the creation of an independent company Foundry Co. (yet temporary designation), which will become a manufacturer of 32-nm microarray AMD.
However, little doubt in the success of the activities should not occur - Foundry Co. will have virtually unlimited budget Arabic Advanced Technology Investment, and experience with AMD to work as the only developer of integrated circuits there. It is long-term cooperation with Taiwan chipmeykerom TSMC, which makes graphics processors developed by employees of AMD (including former employees of ATI, AMD bought in 2006).
to change the status chipmeykera to the developer of integrated circuits company AMD is not planning to make any changes to the development strategy of their own decisions. The main areas will be the market of server microchips and markets processors for mobile computers. And on the basis of production planning solutions for the desktop, including top gaming systems (the basis for microchips are made by the server), and compact and efficient devices. But on the market netbukov - Systems equipped with a display diagonal of 10 inches and costing less than $ 300, the company AMD is planning to shun even a few years. According to Dirk Meyer, the profitability of this business is still too low to provide significant pressure on the company to its family of Intel processor Atom.
But AMD skates can be a platform comprising a central processor, and integrated graphics. The first step in this direction has become a mobile platform Yukon, comprising:central processor Neo, video chipset with integrated ATI Radeon X1250, optional discrete graphics adapter ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3410. For the Yukon follow a platform solution based on the microarray Congo, Nile, and Ontario.


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