AMD will respond to the issue GT200b in March

January 13, 2009, 3:43 am

   The company NVIDIA at CES 2009 has finally been released a video on the basis of 55-nm graphics processor GT200b, which formed the basis for top models GeForce GTX 285 and GTX 295 . Moreover, the dual solutions are the most productive at this point, the decisions podvinuvshimi from this pedestal dual card ATI Radeon HD 4780 X2. However, AMD does not intend to give up so easily - is already busy working on a vengeance graphics processors RV790 and RV740, which will be constructed on 40-nm tehprotsessu and the official release will be held devices are likely in March next year.
It is these solutions are a response to AMD yield 55-nm GT200b, mainly their advantage - a more precise tehprotsessa allowing not only reduce the power consumption of devices, but also reduce the cost of manufacturing products that will have a positive impact on retail prices. But the only move to a new manufacturing technology, AMD engineers are not limited to - in the case of RV790 us waiting for an increased number of stream processors to 960 and texture units to 48 units. This should improve performance graphics cards, and if based on them will be released dual adapters, they may well argue with the GTX 295 for the laurels of the most powerful to date product.
At the same time there and an additional piece of information regarding the implementation of a new generation of graphics cards supporting DirectX 11 - hardware and application interface for the more spectacular graphic effects that can raise a realistic computer graphics to a new level. It turns out that the relevant graphics adapters will appear on the market in late 2009, not a manufacturer, and NVIDIA and AMD, which may become more and S3. On a more precise date, the developers are dependent on the timing of release of Windows 7, which DirectX 11, is among the most important features. Unfortunately, this timetable otstanut developers of computer games - the relevant taytly unlikely to appear on sale before 2010, so for most users, the transition to the new API will be held early next year.
For the first NVIDIA graphics processor supporting DirectX 11, will microchip GT300, manufactured on 40 nm technological processes.


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