AMD RV775 - a link between the RV770 and RV870 ?

December 16, 2008, 12:25 pm

amd rv775 - a link between the rv770 and rv870 ?   As a result of stiff competition between companies NVIDIA and AMD being one generation graphics accelerators decreased markedly. To be on the crest of a wave of progress, enthusiasts of computer games are forced to update graphics card almost every six months. For example, some models of productive series GeForce GTX 200 and the Radeon HD 4800, emerged this summer, in the next month could be attributed to the products of past generations. It is possible that some of them immediately withdraw from production.
Reform range NVIDIA, providing for the transition to 55-nm tehprotsess and release in January next year the new accelerators GeForce GTX 285 and GTX 295, we have already heard. It is time to get acquainted with the plans of competing camps. At the end of last week in the Asian part of the Internet was the first close-fisted reference to videochipe RV775. A little later came out the same information about what RV775 will be the central figure in the forthcoming update range graphics unit AMD.
reported the Chinese resource, with close ties to industrial circles, 55-nm graphics chip RV775 will bridge between the current RV770 and future RV870, which is expected no earlier than October of next year. Debut video card based on RV775 core will see the light in January. This will be the most powerful odnochipovaya model with the symbol RV775 XT, which claims the role of direct competitor GeForce GTX 285. Two months later, her youngest will be changed RV775 Pro with less speed and cost.
Staff argue that the new RV775 core submission to 900 MHz clock speed without switching to a more subtle process. Frequency formula for older video card RV775 XT, complete memory GDDR5, should not be weaker 900/1000 (4000) MHz. Operating frequency RV775 Pro to be installed at 725/1400 (2800) MHz. Judging from the frequency videobufera, younger model ukomplektuyut chips type GDDR4.
What`s curious, AMD engineers put not only on increasing frequencies. In preparing for another fight with NVIDIA, it was decided to increase the number of Shader processors to 840, while the number of textured blocks (TMU) to bring up to 48 pieces. And all this within the 55-nm tehprotsessa ! It should be noted that work to improve the computational abilities held in conjunction with the restructuring of the processor cluster (SIMD). In the nucleus RV770 involving 10 to 80 SIMD Shader units (10x80 = 800). While the RV775 has 12 clusters, each of which contains 70 Shader processors (12x70 = 840).
If you believe published figures, the increase in computing power chip has not led to its complexity. Instead, developers have reduced the number of transistors from 956 to 927 million square It is crystal decreased from 260 to 246 square meters. mm. How did at the same time boost the kernel and reduce its complexity ? Perhaps this is done not only by optimizing the chip and advanced manufacturing technology chips. According to the source, in the development of RV775 engineers could abandon the stand-stream processors embodied in the RV770 to improve yields of suitable chips.
In conclusion, that not everyone agrees with that scenario developments. Skeptical founder of the site argues that the new 55-nm videochip RV775 plans AMD is not because the release RV770 with slightly improved performance unjustified, especially in financial terms. The representative, the following should be the product of AMD 40-nm graphics processor RV870, which will not in the fourth, but in the second quarter of next year. Until then, the onset of the updated line of GeForce GTX 200 company AMD may discourage using the current video of a series of Radeon HD 4800. It requires only reduce their costs and launch new price war.


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