Analysts are not advised to invest in the game for the Wii

April 10, 2009, 11:55 am

analysts are not advised to invest in the game for the wii   Kreutts analyst Doug (Doug Creutz) from Cowen Company believes that the Nintendo Wii is not a good place to invest money. This is not about buying entertainment, but about investing in the development of games for this platform. Talking to Gamasutra, he said that many investors might be enchanted by a huge number of prefixes - 19 million of them were purchased in the U. S. only. This is much more than the Xbox 360 runs and PS3 combined in the same region.
The problem is that you get a big base of consoles does not mean that consumers will spend money on the purchase of new projects. Most of them - and they kazualy completely lacking a dozen mini-games, coming together, and Wii Play. All other attempts to produce something worthwhile for this platform yet for the most complete end in fiasco.
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